FREE Download: ‘Beginner’s Dose’ – Similar Objects

Jorge Wieneke is a very busy man.

His most recent (and first one released in disc format) album, Tilde~, is only a few months old, but a follow-up has been released yesterday on Bandcamp.

Entitled Beginner’s Dose, Jorge Wieneke compiled 10 tracks inspired by 8-bit video games popular in the past two decades. The kid in all of us never gets old, I suppose.

This album is available for free download (generous, as always!) a “small token of my gratitude for keeping me going on this musical journey,” and “for all those whose [sic] been supporting me since the beginning.”

Early favorites include ‘Pouring.Floating (with Bin5)’, ‘Nephilim’, ‘Cosmic Download’, and ‘Rendezvous(secret)’. The rest is like a trip to a 2D Nintendo game of our childhood.

Stream the album:

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