A Craigslist Letter Addressed To Lena Dunham

Craiglist is a treasure trove of weird, hilarious, funky, and downright crazy. From old people looking for roommates with benefits to free household items priced $100 on your regular home depot, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING can be found on Craigslist.

So of course, it didn’t come as a surprise when I read an article about a Craigslist ad describing – in graphic details – Girls star and director, Lena Dunham in an erotica fan fiction entitled ‘Lena Dunham’s Dick’.

To be honest, I didn’t read the entire thing but Huffington Post was kind enough to provide an excerpt of what seems to be an obsessed, borderline crazy pledge of love to Lena.

You know me. With girls like that I generally talk too much, or keep looking sideways to hide my nose. But something happened that night. Maybe the bartender put something in my drink. All I know is that I entered a trance-like state. The usual desperation that I emit like cartoon stink lines gave way to an easy confidence. My jokes landed. My stories charmed. My eyes made contact. I even listened in a way that made her feel heard. It was amazing. For a few short hours, I was the guy I always wanted to be. I wish you could’ve seen it.

If you asked me what we talked about, though, I couldn’t tell you. That’s how in the zone I was. But then she touched my knee and said–

Do you watch Girls?

– AP

Now, after reading this part, I remembered all the hidden (thank God) and (embarrassingly) posted love letters I wrote in the past. So maybe, past all the fucks and strap-ons and whatnot, this isn’t as crazy as we think it is.

But that’s just me.


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