NEW: ‘London’ EP – Banks



Los Angeles-based R&B singer BANKS has released her EP, London, today. Since stumbling upon her song not too long ago, I wasn’t surprised to learn that she’s currently on tour with The Weeknd. Being in the same ball park, I figured the two will work well. The EP includes four songs, notable for its mix of brood, glow, and sparse production in the same vein as The XX and Purity Ring. Her vocal range can get petrifying on the heaviest track, Waiting Game. This Is What It Feels Like is arguably a standout, crunching some gritty wobbles, pandering on a little bit of Timbaland at his finer works. The last two rest on the mellower note, the lyrics much sweeter as opposed to the first half’s. For a newcomer, BANKS is evidently doing well. With a soulful vocal range and a good ear for musicality, London is definitely just the start.

Stream This Is What It Feels Like:


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