Love(d) Letter

I loved you two Christmases
and a birthday ago.
I loved you 321 days,
sixty-six breakfasts
and three movies ago.
I loved you
ninety-seven road trips,
one beach trip,
and two nights in one bedroom ago.
I loved you
through pancake and pizza,
‘honey’ versus just ‘call me by name’,
bacon over apple,
countless memories before.
I loved you
one book before,
another one after.
I loved you
over the phone,
between the silence,
across the room,
while another girl doesn’t know.
Your girl.
I loved you
all along, during you and her.
Infinite smiles, two dreams,
almost shared a kiss,
before conscience hit.
I loved you,
waking to the sunrise,
sleeping to the sunset,
all those days ago.
I loved you
before I asked you,
“Do you love me too?”
I loved you
and you said nothing,
yet I heard enough.
I had enough.
I loved you
a thousand tears ago,
two good cries after,
I loved you
one yearning before.
I loved you
with all those feelings ago.
I loved you
until all the feelings go.

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