RAVE: Top Music Picks For The Midweek

The winds are frightening, not to mention, I can hear the wind whistling. So instead of giving in to this perfect and sleep-conducive weather, I’ve gathered some of this week’s best music (even though it’s only the early hours of Wednesday, but screw it).

‘Lose Yourself To Dance (Radio Edit)’ – Daft Punk

The duo released a relatively shorter version of ‘Lose Yourself To Dance’. Like this year’s summer hit, ‘Get Lucky’, it also features MVP producer, Pharrell Williams, who is obviously taking 2013 by storm. I had to break down the tie between the two, but after a few more listens (and a lot of shimmying) after, I name this track my favorite from Random Access Memories.

‘Melt’ – Chet Faker f/ Kilo Kish

I agree with one music blog that these two, clearly, should work with each other more often. The contrast between Chet Faker’s brooding vocals (including the complementary background vocals) and the uncalculated innocence of Kilo Kish’s is a sound to behold. The steady tempo and the doleful synths require several plays. While Chet continuously laments on loneliness, art comes alive.

This line, though: “Got the easiest position to destroy my life, all you have to do is arrive.” Dark. Beautiful.

‘Waiting Game’ – Banks

A piano plays at the beginning, with a looping chorus in the background, then slowly builds up to heavy synthesizers and gives an overall impression of haunting and beautiful are not enough to properly describe how the song lingers in your head. The song’s message collapsed in a dramatic finish, that waiting has its end.

‘Beautiful Girl’ – Party Supplies

I can foresee that even a few months from now, this is one dance-inducing track that will keep its groovy vibe and funky rhythm. Charming and playful bit of music.

‘Meds’ – SWVZY

Forget the fact that I cannot pronounce their name, this breezy instrumental is just the most perfect, weightless, and most freeing track I’ve listened to in a while. SPAZ.

‘Missing (Everything But The Girl)’ – Maths Time Joy and Kimberly Anne Remix

I would have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of Everything But The Girl. I don’t dislike them, just enough once or twice plays on my iPod occasionally. I was thinking of She & Him. But putting that aside, because this is a remix, I’d have to give props to this production that appeals to all the senses.

‘Warm Water (Banks) – Chuck Wild Bootleg Remix’

I am officially a Banks fan as of writing. There is an obvious allure to her music that’s impossible to miss. The original is a laidback, chillwave nighttime track, whereas in this Chuck Wild remix, the result is a frisky, infectious production with skittering accents.


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