UPCOMING: ‘The Spectacular Now’

I have to admit to myself that though a lot of Hollywood love stories suck and impose a deluded idea of what it could be really like, I love a lot of them. I guess, over the years, the duds outweigh the good ones. But no matter. I also love coming-of-age romances. Whether it’s the generic Star Cinema Jolina-Marvin, Claudine-Rico tandem from the ’90s or John Hughes, I still weep whenever the best friend finally professes his or her undying love for the oblivious and douchey best friend. These things trample on my hopeless romantic persona, and I still love it, hold to it dearly.

And then here comes The Spectacular Now, a romcom movie based on Tim Tharp‘s book of the same title. It stars Miles Teller (who I vividly remember from Project X) and Shaliene Woodley (who looks like my cousin). I watched the trailer and was immediately drawn to it because Woodley’s character reminds me so much of myself, even at 23. Rather reminds me of what type of guys I like at the age of 17. A guy who’s constantly drunk to get over his ex-girlfriend, now becoming acquainted  with a girl he deems to be his complete opposite and someone he does not deserve.

My heart is ready.


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