TRACK: ‘秋を感じる風’ – Skymarines

秋を感じる風, according to Google translate, means ‘Wind to feel the fall’, which of course, makes half-sense. Then again, it doesn’t matter as much, when Skymarines just captured the mood of this afternoon. The thing about ambient music, as many of us hears it, is the light-handed quality that focuses on the details that cover the interior and exterior environment. In this case, today’s gray, but mellow weather, with the slightest hint of sunlight and the aftermath of July drizzle. No fancy workups, just soft synths and lithe beats. That’s how I hear and feel it, at least. But that’s the beauty of her music, the kind that is open to interpretation. There’s the ‘wind’, the ‘feel’, and a bit of ‘fall’ in it even. So maybe, Google translate does make sense, after all.


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