RAVE: Trippy Turtle

When I was in college, I listened to a lot of hip hop and RnB music (and my K-Pop baptismal). With hip hop, I had my dose of MTV Jams, while the latter came from RnB artists that aren’t really within the league of Usher, more of demo kind of artists. There were no popular streaming sites like SoundCloud, so I was mainly downloading stuff from RnBXclusive, UrbanMusicDaily, and from the folks behind Backky and Loserboi Blogspot. Shame I haven’t visited those sites in years and as of present, only UMD is the only site active. I used to download almost EVERYTHING from their daily posts, not caring who the artist is. To be honest, that’s how I started appreciating and embracing artists that I haven’t religiously following in MTV.

I shared that story because the first time I heard of Trippy Turtle‘s music in SoundCloud, it’s college all over again. Easy listening, perfect for my daily expressway commute. Only back then, I wasn’t really particular with the technicalities of music, and maybe even until now, I focus on describing how a certain song appeals to me.

I really wouldn’t bother much who or where this dope guy/girl (although I suspect it’s a ‘he’) is, all I know is that he’s the type of artist I wouldn’t be lying to know about, pretending to like just to be in the bandwagon of the anti-pop, etc. Okay, I’m not making sense now. Here’s my top pick, the bouncy remix of the 2004 song, Get Up On It, by Keith Sweat featuring Kut Klose.

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