After Twenty Seven

Dear friends, please play this song while you’re reading (for maximum dramatic effect).

Sounds good? Okay, read.

Two years ago, I was half-hearted to look for a job. Half-hearted because I wanted to practice my profession but with my firsthand experience after school, I learned that I cannot do that here. So I look where I could, declining unwanted offers along the way. On my 21st birthday, my friend asked me if I wanted work, I just said yes, not even knowing exactly what it was. I got a call three weeks after, still no idea what I was going to do, only certain it’s not a job that I don’t like. I got the job and trained as a copywriter, far from what I was ‘supposed’ to be doing but I found it easy to like. Not mainly because of the nature of the job because it was rather technical, but because I made friends. See, it was not like me to be making friends that easy, I’m pretty picky (a polite word for ‘not friendly’). Those friends were the best thing that happened to me in all those two years.

Funny, I learned a lot at work too. I learned the basics of work ethics, kept my toe in line, but most of all, I had the freedom to be who I am and people paid no mind because everybody was different and let each other embrace their differences. Sure, there were the usual annoying ones and little nits to pick, but I chose to ignore or laugh them off. The overall atmosphere was not stiff, and it’s up to us to make our work easier and that’s what we did.

Surprisingly, it made me a better writer too. I’d like to think that even with the constraints of the standards we are expected to follow at work, the rules and the basics were applied profusely – while letting our imaginative and creative minds at play. This is something I acknowledge and am thankful for.

We had good teachers, supervisors whose jobs extended to being our older siblings, if not parents. They stood by us, but kept us at bay. For sometimes, we forget ourselves and become consumed by our feelings, they were the ones who remind us that our words and actions have repercussions, whatever causes and reasons we have.

At work, we have what we call ‘templates’. Copywriters, artists, QAs, publishers, and more. I’ll have to admit that during my 27 months of stay, I only know a handful of names, but their faces will be very much remembered. Artists are quiet, sometimes boisterous when not absorbed by their Illustrator and Photoshop. QAs are the most social. They know the floor and they know it well. They do not alienate and it’s impossible to ignore them. There’s the publishers who like their chats. They are loud, pedestrian at times even, if that’s how one will dismiss them. My last months, I have come to know them. They are a group you have to know to like.

And then there are the copywriters. Us with the weird clothes and the fast temper and the feisty words. We love our own little devils and guard each other like brothers and sisters. I fought my way to stay with them and will do it a hundred times over for as long as I stayed. If this hasn’t come to an end, I would have. Truth to be told, I would not ask for another kind or set of colleagues. I am happy here.

But it has to end. The doors are closing and there were no more businesses for us to write for. How strange that in the long time we were preparing for this, taking the news lightly, why is it that I am writing this and had to bite back the tears? It was an easy answer. Easy as it is hard to admit that from this day forward, the goodbye has settled and the every day that was a routine has now turned into history. There will be a handful of memories that include childish jaunts, trips to thrift stores, endless eating, sharing laughs in between taunting, dressing as free as we want to, singing my favorite songs all day or night, the same songs all over again and my friends not complaining, and many more. Much more.

So many has come and go, so much more to follow. But in the end, I’d like to thank the ones I was with in the end. TL Mark, for his patience and both his professional and brotherly advice, the publishers who I found were such light and eager company, Lex and Regina, the youngest and the ones who may find it rather difficult to let go, in a short time we were together. I hope that you’ll find as much satisfaction as I did, here in this first job we all have in common. And to the ones I’ve stayed the longest: Mike, sometimes we don’t see reason, but you always did. I hope your kindness will be repaid not with lies and conceit. Ana, when I find it hard to share, you were there to listen and it wasn’t hard to cry and to tell. Thank you. Dyms, you were like the big sister I never had. You’ll never think twice of defending us. This is something I will miss and will never forget. Kaye, well, I’ll spare the drama, since I know you’re already frowning and will say, ‘stop it!’. I look forward to more of our bonding sessions in the future.

Now, please note that this should be spared from syntax check as I am overwhelmed with emotions. I forbid FWRs (now that I think of it, I don’t even know what FWR means).

I’ll miss you all and just hang in there. We’ll be all out soon! Let’s meet for a bonggang meal soon. Love you guys.

Password123 (I know I still have errors, so you can access it as you will)

Written: July 1st, 11:47 AM


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