There’s a dance floor in ‘Penguin Prison’

“Don’t fuck with my money.”

I had to warn you that anything from Penguin Prison is bound to make you bust a move, regardless of where you are. But I suggest do it while cruising on the expressway or while jumping up and down in your bed.

Recommended dance move: Shimmying that will make Michael Jackson proud

I first found out about Penguin Prison while chatting with Gep, Autotelic’s drummer. As soon as I got home I downloaded PP’s 2011 self-titled debut album but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I listened to it properly and immediately fell in love with its infectious disco groove and electropop beats.

Penguin Prison is Chris Glover’s electropop project. He wrote, produced, mixed, and mastered the entire thing all by himself. Before releasing it, he was already under the radar of New York’s known remix artists. His first work as Penguin Prison was Animal Animal/A Funny Thing EP, which was released in 2009 (I still have to listen to it).

My favorite thing about this album is how easy you’ll find yourself getting loose while dancing (not gyrating) to something that sounds far from those awful DJ mixes from night clubs (they should cut LMFAO and David Guetta a check for how much money people are paying for just to listen to it over subwoofers – just saying). I’m pretty sure my mom and my aunt can relate to this album. I can totally imagine them putting on their bangles and retro dresses and puff their bangs while moonwalking to this, or something similar.


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