Soul Echoes: Top 10 Similar Objects Tracks

Electronica is a very complex genre that requires an exceptional skill to translate certain moods and feelings into beats and sounds that require little to almost no lyricism. Bedroom projects spring from poignant scenarios, introverted feelings leak through synth pads, and exalted spirits echo through ambient frequencies. The key is to keep the balance within these elements to avoid being dismissed as forgettable background music.

Similar Objects succeeded in doing so.

Jorge Wieneke (in real life) already has a large body of work to start with (12 EPs and three full-length albums). His track, ‘Bonsai Kids’, has been featured in online music publication, Pitchfork.  He also did a live score for a local silent film as a part of the University of the Philippines’ Cineastes Silent Film Festival. That, and doing live sets for Malasimbo Music Festival, Manila Music Festival, and various shows abroad.

He has proven that quantity can equal quality. That just makes it quite hard to pick favorites because a day can be spent just listening to his music. And with a new album along the way, this list might become obsolete in a month’s time. But no matter, I’d like to share my list of top ten Similar Objects tracks.


10. the (c)answer in your eye, Vril Virgoa Virgata

There’s something about the clash between the retro mood and rawness of hip hop samplers that make this track work. The cascading thumps diverge in its own pace, but well-connected to the foreground, thus complementing each other’s qualities that result to one eclectic product.

9. maggieScar, ShiFt(Age)

The sinister elements present in a palpable and brooding manner throughout the entire length of this number. Those ominous bumps and somewhat extraterrestrial loop nag you into a ruminating state that leaves you nothing but dread.

8. Walking (Modulogeek) – Similar Objects Remix, The Hong Kong Remixes

Similar Objects incorporated his unique play of soundscapes by adding memorable fleeting moments to this Modulogeek original. He added a few scratches, chimes, and tinkers to a contemplative number, thus doubling its charm. Whether it’s basking under the warm glow of the sun or aimlessly walking in the rain, his interpretation’s perfect either way.

7. weave our souls in native gold, inner temple

You look up to the moon and you feel weightless because there is no fear, nothing. Under its light, you feel safe. This particular track has sonic rhythms that lull you to a deep sleep. It sounds like something that wraps you into a cocoon, where no harm can reach you.

6. ▽HerFavoriteDeodatoJoint△, synchronicity is the norm

Oozing with sensuality, this jazz-infused track heavily resonate Brazilian composer Eumir Deodato’s cathartic soul embellishments. It seems only fitting that Wieneke amalgamates his style with the former’s crossover jazz. All that’s missing is a bottle of wine and cashmere sheets.

5. mimimomomumu, DreamSpell

Featuring Mariah Carey’s Heartbreaker, Wieneke relinquished all its pop elements and alluded the title to what it really is – heartbreaking. Providing his own vocals to the chorus hook, he also fostered a new take to it by lathering stretchy synths and steady drumbeats, tinged with glitch elements. And in this case, you’d actually feel the depth of heartbreak Mariah Carey’s singing about.

4. Tibetanbowls, DreamSpell

What’s special about this one is how it captures some kind of spiritual cleansing with its big, lofty synths and temple-like ambiance. The calmness that surrounds this entire arrangement engulfs you and puts you under a meditative trance. Prepare for an aural revelation that follows.

3. Dr. Moody, FindingAstralLovers

There’s a silhouette behind your back, but it doesn’t scare you. There are no untrustworthy feelings, only curiosity. This one is a standout from his repertoire because it gives you a sense of connection between boundless possibilities and discovering visceral gems. The glitch drops are like those monsters under your bed that you were told of when you were a child, but as you get wiser, you’ll know they aren’t real, and just a figment of your imagination.

2. Miranda: Ancient Flower of Life, The Limits of Thought

If dreams have sounds, this would be it.

1.  Michael’s Cloak (callonit), OverSoulUrgy

The first time I heard it, I knew from the first few seconds that it was Similar Objects. Everything about it was flawlessly engineered to captivate and heed you to just sigh in wonder. From the slow, graceful buildup towards the groovy middle, every beat was well-placed. Its intimate textures billow into a combination of strong and lithe movements, it’s hard to place a word to that feeling afterwards. It feels free.

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