TRACK: Slowly Losing Me – Pasta Groove

If, like us, you’ve made it a daily habit to scour the Internet for the best new local music (which in this day and age, isn’t too hard to do so), you’ve certainly familiarized yourself with Pasta Groove, the brainchild of Paolo Garcia. His repertoire includes the art of seamlessly blending his distinct, lofty style with any and every type of music possible – sans the gimmickry. Whether it’s a slow nocturnal ballad, a disco-pop funk classic, rap, or filler words even, it always ends up as a mesmerizing, soul-driven product.

So it’s almost preposterous to read that his new track, “Slowly Losing Me”, is just a ‘rough draft’. The ensnaring undertones slither along jazz and soul and embellish the passionate discontent of a scorned woman, flawlessly executed by SinoSikat’s Kat Agarrado. ‘Sultry’ is often used to describe Kat Agarrado’s silky vocals – the woman embodies the word so much that anything with her voice in it is hypnotizing. But what makes it more brilliant is the contrast between the smooth, bluesy vibe and backups courtesy of Parallel Uno, making it an aesthetically clever track that contours neo soul and hip hop elements into one unabashed number.

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