TRACK: Saquasohuh (roughmix) – similarobjects

Summer is closing in, according to the weather authorities (though only technically, because the temperature doesn’t lie). People scurry to the nearest beach, pool, or even just the mall, which is perfectly normal in this sweltering heat. But sometimes, plugging your earphones and playing the right songs can douse the heat almost all the same.

It’s still hazy as to when one of our favorite local beat smiths, similarobjects, will drop his new album, ~tilde. Meanwhile, we are being treated with this brand new track called “Saquasohuh,” featuring August Wahh of Chocolate Grass on vocals and Allan Malabanan on bass. Employing his finesse production skills on hemming the best possible electronic music can deliver, he also played to the strengths of the svelte vocals and distinct bass bumps, tailoring a lithe and breezy end product. It’s so lavishly refreshing and vivid, you can almost feel the grainy sand under your toes, waves rolling in, and the sun kissing your skin with tender warmth.


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