Sleepwalk the Earth


Rarely that I write about my personal style because snapshots of my clothes, shoes, and wardrobe will suffice more than words would. After all, a photo speaks a thousand words right? But as bored as I am this very hour at work and given my overall impression to anyone who sees me roaming the streets from Bulacan to Eastwood (and vice versa), I almost always look like I’m about to sleep.

Here’s the narrative version:

I graduated from the shirt-jeans-sneakers ensemble years ago, and now, you’d find my friends surprised every time I wear denim pants – at least, friends after high school. In college, we have a prescribed uniform and I never really go out on weekends a lot, so I didn’t care about what clothes I wear and have since I really don’t buy much of them. My folks dressed me in Gap, Abercrombie and Fitch, Levi’s, and Skechers –  I’m not saying it to brag, but trust me, they were very basic and never really a big deal whatsoever. It’s just how it was.

Ever since I started working in this advertising company, I got surrounded by a horde of creative people, and I guess it sort of brought out and developed my own style, one that didn’t adhere to the norms, but not vulgar or offensive, of course (god pray I dress like a hooker with tassels and crystal platform heels).

So here is why this is entitled ‘Sleepwalk the Earth’ – I found my comfort on quite oversized clothes with different textures, shapes, forms, designs, and colors. I wear them over tights and skirts (of equally different types and kinds). I wear corduroy pants or brightly colored pants. Denim jeans are extinct (though I still have around 5 or 6 pairs, just in case). My feet: colorful flats, Chucks, or boots (of different cuts and colors as well – 1460s/1490s), I buy everything that’s neither conventional nor worn normally worn every day, and every day has to be different. It’s not avant garde nor couture, though there are days I feel ‘chic’ and don heels and pull a Gossip Girl. But that happens rarely. 90% of the time, I guarantee, is a sleep/bed look. And now that I think of it, I might wear pajamas outdoors soon. *wink*

And best of all, I fell in love with socks. All types of them. I deem it my personal goal to buy as many socks as I can (and shoes too, haha!) before I die.

I’m not into accessorizing because I have a hypersensitive skin and my contact dermatitis gets nasty when I wear bling and I never felt the need to host an arm party. But man, do I love watches! My favorites would be a those robot watches from BratPack and TeamManila that cost less than a thousand bucks. Then Casio watches – for men. I have some from my mom’s and some that were given to me by my grandma or aunt, but I wear them when I dress in formal or when there’s a grand occasion. But every day is a Casio day.

Now I’m sleepy. zzz


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