This post is a direct result of caffeine.

  • I had a crappy birthday last year, so crappy it smells like crap
  • But I’m actually looking forward to this year…
  • …Because I honestly think, in all of 23 years, I found my most comfortable, most defining, most identifying spot in this earth – something that wherever I may be, I’ll find it and I can live
  • And that’s called music
  • Whether I’m writing for an ad company or eventually working in a hospital (or for the military, as my newfound desire to work in one surfaced), music will always be there, in good company
  • During my adolescent years, I had my share of doing things most of my friends liked doing: partying/clubbing – something I sucked at. This is simply not how and who I am
  • Associated with it (something that is mutually exclusive with it) is hooking up. I mean, sometimes, it’s done in good faith (yeah right), but when it’s becoming a weekly habit, and I’m sorry to say this, it’s something that I just can’t see myself doing
  • In short, I’m not up for mistakes caused by my inebriated judgment
  • I hope some of my friends understand that when I decline their invitations, it’s because I actually have plans on that same day/time
  • Because it’s better to say you’re not going than to flake (learned that the hard way)
  • And on the case of ‘making time’, I still have my reservations on the prospect of just basically ruining my liver and making awkward conversations with random strangers whom I totally have nothing in common with. So hence, the ‘I have something else planned that day/night’ replies
  • You also know from the start that I don’t do mountain climbing and sleeping on tents thing, so again, I can’t join you on those things
  • The best things I like to share with you are just the simple, unadulterated (okay, also the libidinous, nonsense) stuff that I actually enjoy when we get together. That will always be priceless to me, because contrary to what you might think, nobody outgrows that kind of thing
  • Since April last year, I never felt more alive. I actually gained real friends since, high five to you all hipsters/friendssss
  • Not interested in becoming your lover
  • My planner is full of these bullet items, reading it is a prelude to insanity
  • syntax-free

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