1. Ways – Black Atlass
2. Contra – Houses
3. Sorry – Onra & Quetzal
4. Girl Needs – Scott Kid
5. Horse – Quadron
6. MYD – Evian Christ
7. Furthur|Pawncho – DropxLife
8. Eyes On You – Pandr Eyez
9. Running – Jessie Ware (Disclosure Remix)
10. VNDLSM – Crypt
11. Spirits – Sean Blackthorn
12. Love Song – The Internet


I’m working on uploading this entire playlist and turn it into a mixtape. Streaming these tracks is quite frustrating if you’re actually on the road and have a janky 3G connection. It’s a good list that I stumbled upon the Internet, and I’ll be adding more tracks in it (when I revisit my entire iTunes library, whenever that is). Truth to be told, I’m quite lazy (shocking) when it comes to researching for new songs, even just streaming/playing/downloading the a new batch of daily tracks from all the hipster websites around. I usually just play the same stuff that I have on my iPod (which is one hell of an irony,  I have hundreds of gigabytes left for storage space – having more than one music player – but I rarely update them, save for the very convenient Free Download app music files I got).

ANYWAY, so more of these crazy awesome playlists to be shared. I’ll post my own mixtape when God or some deity strike me a bolt of lightning in the near future, sometime soon, whenever.

P.S. Most of these tracks are on SoundCloud. You can also visit my SC page if by some miracle, you want to know what I’m listening to.


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