The gravity of a stare can pull you towards a fleeting moment of mixed emotions.
You can fall in love in an instant.
But that’s not me.
It’s not my story.

A stare can send me into tingles, knot my stomach, coil my insides.
But will it be the same knowing that he doesn’t curl up like a child with the same feeling you have when you’re caught in his luring gaze? I think so.
Love, I knew, wasn’t all about rewards, nor compensations for being as truthful and devoted to that significant someone. You love way before you think of the possibilities that you will be together. You love long before the thought of hurting comes with loving.
You love, unaware, or unconsciously putting all the probabilities of being the only one loving, at the back of your head. You do not think of leaving, of going, you only know of staying and holding on.
You love, that’s all. And simple as it sounds, a thousand stabs are about to be thrown the moment you hang your life in this deadly thread.
Thy world is an endless aphorism of opposites. And one magnanimous maxim in life and love is that it is synonymous to sacrifice and pain.
Someone said that an easy path’s only reward is that it’s easy. But it won’t get us anywhere. I believe it.

We fall. And the thing is, we fall so hard, that when no one is there to catch you, you either die, or live with sorrow.


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