BAND: ‘Such’

I never hear enough sound from the south.

Either I have been too preoccupied by the influx of new bands and the resurgence of old bands from the metro, or my horizon is pretty limited (another option is that I don’t know how to use advanced search on Google, which is pretty lame). Pardon my limited knowledge in the scene (I am learning, I promise), but I almost always hear about bands from close friends, and I am too happy to dwell on listening to one artist, then another, until I’m caught in a web of new and old acts, and then I get stuck.

Until today.

‘Such’ is an indie rock band that hails from Iligan City. I’ve read from a local blog that the members disbanded (the reason was not mentioned) this year after 7 long years, several line-up changes, and two albums.

On the flip side (I’m being glass half-full here), we can still let ourselves get lost in a reverie, as they left with us their first EP, a single, and a full-length album – all of which can be downloaded for FREE. A generous – it’s almost illegal – gift that should AND can be shared.

And while there are no news of the band member’s foraying into music anytime soon, I wish them well. I really do.

And God bless the Internet.


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