Countdown to Capacities: Day 7


Once in a while, you listen to a song, whether it’s instrumental or one with words, you got entertained, and then you move on with your life.

And there are songs that just when they’re about to end, your attachment to it begins.

Like this one.

I have a close friend who likes this particular line from “We Give In Sometimes” too. And I was too happy to share the same inclination with him, and now, with you as well. Its simplicity is breathtaking, but you know that there’s a remarkable depth in those words that I hope no one fails to overlook.

It has been my favorite line ever since.


The beauty you impart to me with these words

Is like a handful of hefty seeds that grew in abundance in my heart

As they bear fruits of equal beauty

They’ll wield strength no storm can subdue

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