Countdown to Capacities: Day 6

Day 6 – 1102

Dear you,

We don’t know each other. But you and I have something in common. The middle ground, as they say. The red thread of fate, I know that’s how they call it. Whenever I listen to the strings, the keys, the drums, and the synths, and the lyrics, I know someone else listens to them too. As someone blushes and thinks of her blossoming romance and listens to ‘Tadhana’, someone else is nursing her heart, wallowing in isolation, with ‘Taya’ playing in her dark room.

This is not just one story. We all have them, I know. You have them hidden in the words of their songs, you have them written in the sand, or you have them tied up with balloons that escaped to the sky.

We don’t know each other. We might have met, may never will. But in fragments, I know your story. Because the songs’ stories are my, our stories too.

Wishing you are well,



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