Countdown to Capacities: Day 1



Lost. She was a dead girl roaming the earth. Her mom closed her eyes forever, but her little girl was still staring, waiting for those lids to open, warmly like before. How does one exist in a world wherein the person who brought her into it has gone forever?

The song. She heard an unfamiliar voice singing from the television. The lady was singing about currents, about distance, ‘malayo man, malapit din’. Then she felt a jolt. Like one of those silly things that happen in cartoons. Four words made sense, and all the difference. She’s pretty sure it was not exactly written about an orphaned child, but for her, it saved her.

And even after 6 years later, that girl grew up listening to all the songs that followed that one. But like an old friend, whenever she revisits that old song, she still feels the warmth, this song with arms that wrapped her in a miraculous embrace.



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